Who we are

Welcome Parents, Teachers, Coaches!

Let’s go ahead and discuss the giant pink elephant in the room, shall we? Ok… well the word “spirituality” is a tricky one to throw around these days. In fact, the topic of spirituality has always been tricky because it is so closely linked to organized religion in most people’s understanding of it – which many folks have strong feelings about.

At SFK we are aware that this word means different things to different people. When some think of “spirituality” it relates to ancient religious traditions rooted in faith. To some it means secular meditation and a practice of mindfulness in day to day life. We honor and celebrate whatever it means to you currently! Nothing we offer in our lessons will conflict with anyone’s belief system on the full spectrum of orthodoxy to atheism.

What we refer to as “spirituality” is simply the part of the child that is not the body and the mind. The ineffable, beautiful, unique “spirit” that is inside of every child. The deeper, purpose and compassion driven core of who they each are, individually. We seek to educate and nourish this part. So when we named ourselves Spirituality for Kids, we simply intended to communicate that we are a program that tends to the spirit the way a great school and healthy food nurture their minds and bodies. To raise a fully balanced child we need to tend the inner garden of each part of the child – mind, body AND spirit.

In 2001, our founder decided it was critical to begin empowering children as young as seven with essential universal concepts that would help them navigate life, make good decisions, embrace challenges, understand their own nature and what motivates them, and live in true harmony with themselves and others. As adults many of us have learned these lessons the hard way. The concepts SFK teaches are found in every culture and in every major religion and wisdom school on the planet.

We are a global network of educators, curriculum writers, parenting coaches, and mental health professionals – but first and foremost we are all parents. We are parents who are passionate about giving not only our children, but an entire generation of children, the spiritual nourishment they need to really begin to make the changes in the world we know are possible. We aspire to help every child become an agent for positive change in their own lives and in the world – and we hope you will join us in this beautiful and important pursuit!

Our Founder: Karen Berg

Karen Berg is the Spiritual Leader and Director of The Kabbalah Centre and the inspiration behind bringing the once exclusive wisdom of Kabbalah to the entire world. More than a decade ago, Karen began to implement her vision of bringing universal spiritual tools to children, knowing that a child who understands spiritual concepts early in life will make better decisions throughout an entire lifetime. It was this vision that prompted the development of Spirituality for Kids.

Board of Directors


As President and CEO of Spirituality for Kids and mother of five, Michal Berg is committed to bringing spiritual programs to parents and children everywhere. Inspired by Karen Berg’s vision of providing children with universal spiritual tools to help them discover their potential, Michal continually explores new ways to support and engage families in spiritual dialogue. In directing Spirituality for Kids she ensures the integrity of the content and finds ways to bring it to as many children as possible.

Michal has always been driven by the belief that not only do parents assist in the spiritual development of their kids, but children also play a significant role in a parent’s potential for spiritual growth. She explores this theme in a weekly blog called Spirituality for Parents and in lectures to parents around the world.

Michal is author of two books: Vokabbalahry: Words of Wisdom for Kids to Live By, a multiple award-winning title, and the newly released Astrologik – Kabbalistic Astrology Guide for Children. Michal Berg lives in Los Angeles with her husband Yehuda Berg and her five children.


Mia Bauer is the co-founder and Creative Director of Crumbs Bakeshop. Founded in 2003 and currently with 51 stores in seven states, Crumbs has been recognized as one of the nation’s fastest growing businesses in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Ms. Bauer was awarded the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011 for her expertise in retail. Prior to opening Crumbs with her husband, Mia worked as an attorney in a variety of positions for elected city officials, including several years as legislative counsel for a prominent New York City politician.

During law school, Ms. Bauer competed for and was awarded a coveted internship at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. She was placed in the prominent Civil Rights Division which has overseen some of the most historic legal decisions of our nation. In addition, Ms. Bauer worked for the National School Boards Association, recognized as the leading lobby organization for public education in the country. Ms. Bauer graduated from Brandeis University with a B.A. in Political Science and received her J.D. from New York Law School.


Brad Farber is a Portfolio Manager for Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co., an investment firm with approximately $5 billion under management.

Prior to joining Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co. in 1999, Mr. Farber spent two years as an equity research analyst at UBS covering the medical technology and biotechnology sectors. Brad currently serves as a mentor at Blueprint Heath, a healthcare accelerator. He was also a mentor for Minds Matter for two years, an organization aimed at preparing accomplished high school students from low income families for college success. Brad is a CFA charterholder and received a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Michigan in 1996.


As a Vice President of Creative Communications at Hearst Magazines, Judith Bookbinder is responsible for the branding, marketing, advertising and general art direction for the Hearst Corporation’s many endeavors. Judith helped market the launches of Marie Claire, O, The Oprah Magazine, Food Network Magazine, HGTV Magazine and developed trade advertising campaigns for many of Hearst Magazines established titles. She directs the in-house agency that develops signature integrated marketing programs, as well as customized special advertising sections for leading advertisers, such as Sears, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Dior, L’Oreal, Lincoln, Intel and others. Judith has been with Hearst for 18 years.


Audit Committee


After graduating from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science degree in 1991, Ken Fried started his career at Goldman Sachs &Co. where he worked for 11 years. He had the fortune of experiencing many exciting opportunities including sales and trading of debt and equity in both the US and international markets. In 2002, Ken moved into the equity portfolio management role by working at some of the largest hedge funds including Fortress, GLG and Glaxis Capital.

In 2012, he launched his own venture fund called Lightseed Capital. Lightseed’s mission is to find and invest in the next generation of winning companies, either private or public. The fund’s focus centers around the technology, consumer and commodity sectors. Ken also sits on the board of a next generation mobile security platform company called InAuth Inc.

Our Team


Arlene holds BS degrees in Accounting and Business Management from the Philippines. With a passion for her work, she brings in 11 years of non-profit accounting experience from The Kabbalah Centre. Arlene was part of the team that started SFK’s financial records in 2003 and assumed the position of Controller for SFK in September 2013. Before she joined the Kabbalah Centre accounting team, Arlene had 10 years of Management and Accounting experience from Zuellig Pharma, the major pharmaceutical distributor in the Philippines.

As Controller, Arlene is responsible for Finance and Human Resources for SFK. More specifically, she executes all of the company’s internal and external reporting and ensures that SFK’s financial reports comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Additionally, Arlene assumes responsibility for maximizing SFK’s financial assets and for establishing financial policies, procedures and reporting systems.


Andrea Olschwang is an experienced Business Development professional with global and diversified exposure in both the profit and nonprofit arenas. As a business development consultant and manager, Andrea demonstrated success in the technology industry in Europe and Israel. With a focus in competitive market analysis and penetration, strategic planning and marketing, Andrea was able to marry her experience with her desire to help children by establishing the Boston-based site of Spirituality for Kids, in 2008.

As its Executive Director, Andrea managed the site’s team and operations, developed community partnerships and built a strong donor base to fund local activities. In 2011, Andrea transferred to Spirituality for Kids headquarters to assist in developing and managing the programs’ online presence. Andrea is responsible for Spirituality for Kids’ marketing and communication activities.

Andrea holds an Honors degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada.


Lucía Cano came to Spirituality for Kids as a volunteer in 2009, while working as a psychologist in a private practice in Mexico City. Equipped with a degree in Psychology from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, with specialty in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Lucia worked with children and teens, and felt drawn to SFK by a desire to help kids find and develop their inner strength and happiness.

Thoroughly embracing the benefits technology can bring by connecting people and improving society, she transitioned briefly to Private Sector Education in 2011, where she worked as Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager, overseeing website and app developments. In 2014 she joined SFK full time, as the SFK Coordinator for Latin America. Lucía is responsible for growing and implementing SFK throughout Latin America.