Cypress Trails Elementary School, South Florida – Article in school newsletter

Third grade students have been participating in an exciting program called Spirituality for Kids. They are developing a sense of certainty in their own ability to overcome challenges they face in life. The teachers have begun to see a positive change in peer relationships, making smart choices and making an effort. All classes have received lessons on teasing and bullying. Students have been taught a common vocabulary and have learned many techniques to put an end to unwanted behavior. […]

Ms. Tabitha Strauss, teacher at PS 183, New York

I have seen my students become more aware of their reactive behavior. They are more prone to take personal responsibility during uncomfortable situations. I see them problem solving when confrontational circumstances come up rather than come to me, another teacher or create a fight; instead, they use the SFK tools. They begin by stopping their reactive behavior and thinking about what their ‘true voice’ would tell them. It is really a magical experience to watch this take place.

Yexenia Palma, Teacher, Manuel Amador Guerrero School, Panama

The SFK program has changed my classroom, my personal life and that of my students. The relationships between the students, as far as their behavior and learning go, have improved.

[…]The whole school sees my students different. There is a kid, Kevin, who behaves extremely bad and the other students usually run from him. His teacher did not come to the school and the child came into my classroom and my children protect each other very much. That day, even Kevin behaved well with my students and did not fight with anyone. The environment is crucial for the children and all accepted Kevin well. I did not say anything to them and they themselves dealt with it and applied all they were taught at SFK, sharing and to treat others as they want to be treated.[…]

Ms. Allison Helm, Teacher, Curwen Primary School, London, UK

[…] Throughout the sessions the children have been encouraged to link the ideas being taught to their own lives and have become more self -reflective and open minded individuals. Through SFK courses our pupils have been encouraged to think about and discuss their own thoughts and actions and also those of their peers and families. This has resulted in an increase in socially acceptable behaviours and compassion within the classroom and playground, leading to a more understanding school and ultimately hopefully a more tolerant society. […] It is with excitement that we are welcoming the SFK team back into our school to continue this fulfilling work and it is without hesitation that we would encourage other schools to do the same!

Nancy Nowak, Teacher, Cypress Trails Elementary, South Florida

SFK has provided my students with a shared vocabulary and a context for discussing their feelings and problem solving. As developing human beings, this program gives them a framework for self-examination along with direction for personal growth. So many programs in affective education focus on “self-esteem” without self-worth. They skip right over that step where we acknowledge our mistakes and make plans for growth and change. I have overheard students standing up for themselves in positive but assertive ways, defending the rights and needs of others, and desisting from negative behaviors more readily. […].

Special Education Teacher, YES Program at P.S. 72, The Bronx, New York

SFK has not only positively impacted the students at the YES Program by having their test scores & grades improve; but more importantly, the curriculum helps one become a better human being and what can be better than that?

Jason A. Martinez, Special Education Teacher, P.S. 72, The Bronx, New York

[…] The tools my children learn from SFK have helped them to take ownership of their own behaviors and to find positive ways to deal with frustration, anger, and other reactive behaviors. My co teacher and I hear our students using the the SFK language on a daily basis. SFK has also given us teachers more tools to use within the classroom. I find myself using the SFK language as well when trying to difuse a situation. We are so very grateful to have been chosen to participate in an amazing program. We wish that every classroom in New York City could be given the same opportunity.

Adam Chaprnka , Social Worker, Yawkey Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury, MA

[…] SFK uses a wonderful mix of lecture, discussion, group games, and art projects to engage youth. Our kids line up outside the classroom each week eager to begin each session. The youth enjoyed SFK so much they even created an SFK song and dance to accompany weekly lessons. An example that SFK made a lasting impact on our kids, six weeks after the first SFK graduation I observed a 9-year-old girl using a bookmark made during class 7, a constant reminder of that lesson. Additionally, I observed a 10-year-old girl prevent a fight in the gymnasium, telling a younger boy to “STOP, ASK, and SHARE,” before he assumed someone tried to hit him in the head with a basketball.[…]

Cathy Weiss, Teacher, Wonderland Elementary School Testimonial, Los Angeles

SFK has been an appreciated addition to our classrooms. It has been clear, focused and easy for the children to internalize. SFK offers Life Lessons that are meaningful and doable. It gives us a usable vocabulary that we have been able to incorporate into our daily lives. We have seen a difference in the interaction between peers as well as in the children’s ability to process situations and work them out and reflect upon their behaviors. I feel it is a truly valuable program that I am excited to continue with.

Amy Baird, Assistant Head Teacher, Essendine School, London, UK

[…] SFK has contributed significantly to the positive behaviour, responsibility, and thinking of the pupils in our school. During the graduation ceremony many of the year 6 pupils with ‘challenging’ behaviour openly discussed how SFK had helped them to make better choices in school and out of school and how this had impacted on their experience of year 6 and hopefully a better future in secondary. We are very grateful for all the work that SFK has carried out in Essendine and look forward to this continuing in the future.

Barbara Mayne, Head-Teacher of Queens Park Primary School , age 25 ,London, UK

[…] The work that has been done with children has brought about some excellent results particularly in some children with behavioural issues – some previously difficult boys have been able to think about their actions, reactions and responses to others, sustain their learning and improve their general attitudes, friendships, respect for each other and members of the wider school community. Other children who have benefited include those who were quite shy – one in particular is now a member of the school council. […]

Lyndra Uzan , educator

I just want to thank you so much for having this website! I have twin 9 year old girls. My husband is Jewish by birth and tradition but not religious. I am a spiritual person but I reject labels of any sort of religion because I cannot believe there is only 1 path to God. When our girls were around 6 or 7 I was beginning to desire some sort of Spiritual community or teachings. I knew that going to Temple or Church was not an option for either myself or my husband. And then I found Spirituality for Kids’ website. WOW! Talk about resonating with me! So much of what your website teaches are the very principles I believe in. I have so enjoyed going through the lessons with my girls. We are starting lesson 8 of level 1 this week and I really want to thank you for what you are providing to the world let alone to me.

Janell LaRue ,educator

I started watching Spirituality for Kids out of curiosity, then kept going because I thought it was great. Not only do I very much admire what you guys have created, it has provided a kind of spiritual comfort food to me during a very difficult time, and I find it’s helping me solidify the concepts! I kinda think everybody should watch it, no matter how old. Love Mr. Why in his various incarnations. Kudos on a really amazing accomplishment. The exercises and book recommendations rock too. As a teacher, I’m blown away, and as a basic truth-seeking human, like I said, it’s helped.

Reyna Rupani

First of all we would like to thank the entire team at Spirituality for Kids for the brilliantly unique way in which values are being taught to children through your program. We have finished level 1 as a family and look forward to going through level 2.