Liat, mother of 2 kids in a donation-based group ,Brazil

I’m Amanda and Bruna’s mother. I’d like to share my joy in seeing them participating of SFK classes. I have no doubts that all they are experiencing will be present in their whole lives. The classes are wonderful for any child, it’s preventive, clarifying, for the present and for a better future!!!

Fatma Ilmi, teacher and parent of SFK student ,The Shirin School , Arab Territories, Israel

My son, Amir, started to participate in the program last year. Our entire family paid attention to the change in his behavior, a positive change of course. At first he was impatient and gave us a lot of troubles. Now he has learned to be more organized, patient and caring. This change can be clearly seen in his achievements in school that greatly improved as well.

Mildren Blano, family class participant, Bronx ,New York

SFK is a helping hand when things are good, when things are bad, when life is just what it is….Life. SFK reminds us of the little things that make big differences like the words we choose or simply doing good deeds. They reach out to the children that are growing and give them guidance. Guidance that will be with them for a lifetime. My children have had the time of their lives and they have learned that things in general require effort. Making the right choice sometimes requires effort. SFK is not just fun, it is creative and a blessing. You don’t always find positive influences and seldom find people willing to share, as they do in SFK.

Katherine K., family class participant ,Los Angeles

First I want to thank you for providing such an incredible program and teaching for the kids. This class has helped not just my 7 year old daughter but myself TREMENDOUSLY! I can’t begin to express to you or put it in words, how much we appreciate this class….SFK is truly essential for every parent and their children. Nowhere in the world have I been able to find a book or anything that would explain the true meaning of the rules of life and how the game is played,not to mention, what true sharing is. As a single mom, our family has been through some challenges, and again I can’t even begin to express what SFK has done for my daughter and our relationship.