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Teaching Winning in the Game of Life™ (Level 1) and Exploring the Journey of Life™ (Level 2) in schools, after-school programs and community-based organizations is easier than ever!

With engaging video lessons replacing the need for a teacher, there is no need for time-consuming and costly training! You, the teacher or counselor, can be a facilitator, merely guiding children to do the activities after watching the videos, and encouraging deeper learning through asking the right questions.

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What You Need for Teaching a Class:

Even though the task is simple, you are not alone!

Teaching Kits

In addition to the video lessons, we provide, for-purchase, individual Teaching Kits for Winning in the Game of Life™and Exploring the Journey of Life™ , that will help you be the best facilitator you can be, every step of the way, while children learn in the most organized and effective manner possible. The Kits each include a DVD with the videos, student handbooks (My Lightbook), teacher handbooks (Guidebook) & in Level 1 – a Family Activities book for parents at home.

Workbooks and DVD can be purchased as a kit or individually in our online store. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of all the art project supplies needed to complete some of the activities in Level 1 and Level 2.


Implementation Tips

Winning in the Game of Life™ and Exploring the Journey of Life™ are stepped fun and interactive programs that can be adapted to the needs and pace of the students. The teacher determines the amount of time needed for each lesson and the number of sessions. On average, each lesson can be taught in 45-50 minutes.

Each lesson serves as a foundation for the next lesson, so learning must take place in the presented order.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each student, covering different styles of learning such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

Lesson Components

Each level consists of 12 lessons, a prologue and an epilogue. All lessons generally consist of the following blocks

  • Watch the video and / or animation
  • Complete the activities
  • Do the art projects
  • Reflect through journaling questions
  • Review Pick Up Points, Rules, Words to Know
  • Suggested further reading

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