SFK at home


1. Get Ready

Within the lessons you’ll find videos, exercises and activities that are designed to engage various ages and learning styles, ensuring that every child can understand the topic at hand.

To help you with the activities, we recommend you download and print My Lightbook. If however you’d rather purchase a ready-made My Lightbook, you can do so in our store. Furthermore, if your internet connection is unreliable, you can purchase all the video lessons and animations on a single DVD.

In the store you will find also a teacher’s Guidebook and a Family Activities workbook. While these are not necessary in order to go through the online program and have been developed for classroom teaching, you as a parent can opt to purchase them for additional activities with your child.

All art project materials are listed by lesson, to help you gather the supplies before you start the lesson with your child. These materials are inexpensive and most you will already have around your house.

With a combination of video lessons, games, recommended literature and creative activities and worksheets, your child will have fun and learn valuable spiritual concepts.

2. Play the Game

You’re exercising your child’s spiritual muscles. Work with them slowly and consistently to help them develop these concepts and gain understanding as you go through it together.


Each lesson works as a building block upon the last, giving your child a step up on developing their spiritual understanding. It’s important that you help them through each step (and don’t jump ahead) as they take the climb. (See the Skills for Parents section below.)

To make sure your child is grasping the concepts, there are five “checkpoints” throughout the lessons. Each “checkpoint” is an activity that will help you measure your child’s understanding of the spiritual concepts covered along the way. If you notice your child is having a challenging time understanding a concept, revisit a video lesson more than once and discuss a concept together several times.

Spirituality for Kids is a completely self-paced and flexible program based upon your child’s needs. You can determine the amount of time needed for each lesson, be that a single day or stretched out over a longer period of time.

3. Have fun!


Be creative when making the art projects; if you don’t have certain materials or have another idea, experiment and improvise with things that you may already have at home. Between the lessons, try and incorporate the concepts in your daily life. We provide vocabulary and simple tips for you to practice with your child throughout their normal routine.


Most of all, these lessons are a great way for you to spend time with your child in a creative and inspiring way. So what are you waiting for?