Level 1: Winning in the Game of Life – Lesson synopses :


This is the story of a young boy’s adventure. He is like boys and girls all around the globe. He is bright, curious, and funny, but sometimes he has a know-it-all attitude that shows up and holds him back. Luckily, when he finds himself in Mr. Why’s magical toy store, his eagerness to learn shines through his sarcasm! Mr. Why gives him a very special game, an ancient game, that came before all the others in the store, The Game of Life. The boy rushes home, and eagerly starts the game, and discovers that he is trapped in an alternate universe. He discovers that he must learn and play by the simple rules of the game in order to get back home to his own life. Fortunately Mr. Why is there to guide him. Together with your boys and girls, our friend discovers that the lessons he is learning in the game apply to his real life as well.

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Life is so much like a game! How many times in your life you learn a lesson the hard way and wish you’d understood it sooner? Like the starting square of a game we all arrive in our lives with so many challenges to overcome, and so little of the knowledge needed to do it skillfully. We can empower our children with some of those lessons so they do not have to learn the hard way. In lesson one we “gamify” life and we help children see life skills as the “jewels” needed to win. The first step to winning any game is knowing and understanding the rules!

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Children seem to always want more. More toys, more candy, more video games, you name it! In lesson two, children learn that all the things that bring them the greatest sense of fulfillment can’t be measured or held – like happiness, friendship, and the feeling of satisfaction when they trying their best. They learn about what actually drives their desires and what truly makes them feel good.

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In lesson three children learn to better understand that the sunshine (both actually and metaphorically) is always there! When children feel confused, scared or frustrated – it can be like dark clouds looming overhead. Just as the sun is always shining behind dark clouds, so is the Light – the source of positivity, strength, clarity and certainty – always available to us. We use the symbols of light to illuminate and express this powerful and ever-present resource outside and inside of us.

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Children say things like “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good at anything” when they doubt themselves and feel ready to give up. In lesson four children are encouraged to look inside themselves to identify their own unique valuable gifts and their innate goodness. They are able to see what makes them and others,important and indispensable players in this game of life.

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We often catch our children doing things they know they shouldn’t do, or simply, not doing what they should do. In lesson five, they’ll discover what it is that entices them to make decisions against their best interest.
They will learn the important role of the Opponentin the Game of Life: Just like in every game the opponent is there to challenge us, make things more difficult for us, confuse us and make us doubt ourselves – all in order to help us become better, stronger and earn our fulfillment.
In this lesson children learn to see their “opponents” as their allies in becoming their best selves.

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Just like adults, children often place the lion’s share of responsibility for their happiness on those around them: friends, teachers, and parents. In this lesson, they’ll learn that happiness is a result of wise choices they make for themselves. Children will find out how much more powerful they are and how their choices matter!

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Children are very often driven by the outcome and not the process. They may get frustrated when a picture they are drawing doesn’t look the way they want it to. In this lesson kids learn that a different and often deeper sense of fulfillment and confidence comes from the effort put forth. The easy way out leads to self-doubt. Understanding the value of doing their best, and valuing the journey as well as the final destination, will change how they view everything from schoolwork to acts of sharing.

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Our immediate reactions when our buttons get pushed or things don’t go our way happen so quickly that they seem impossible to control and even harder to change! But SFK has a formula that remedies kids’ habitual response patterns. The four step program in this lesson teaches kids to pause and mindfully choose their reaction in any situation.

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Understanding why sharing is beneficial helps motivate children (and adults!) to be more generous, helpful and kinder. While most kids know that sharing is “right” and “good” they have rarely understood why it is in their own best interest. When kids understand that rich benefits come to them, as well as to the person they are sharing with, they are more motivated to be generous. In this lesson, children learn the power, and the real benefits of sharing, providing them with the true motivation to share more.

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Now how does this work, practically? We learned the spiritual benefits of sharing and now, we want to share! But how do we really share? Is sharing always the physical act of giving? Children may believe that sharing always means conceding, but sometimes, it means saying no. In this important lesson, your children will explore the true meaning of sharing first with themselves and then with others, so they keep safe and balanced.

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Like individual waves on the surface of a vast ocean, we are all made of the same stuff. We are all connected. In this lesson, kids will learn to see themselves as part of a whole and recognize that their actions affect not only themselves but others as well.

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Often, children look out at the big world and fail to see the consequential place they can take in it. Every child has the potential to be GREAT. In this lesson we help children really understand this idea. There is no such thing as an ordinary child with ordinary potential. And it is up to them to become the wise leaders of tomorrow. Kids learn that each action, big and small, leaves a lasting mark on the world. And positive change begins with them!

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Has Ari learned the rules to the Game of Life? Will he choose to play by them and go home to his family? Is he ready for Level 2? Press play to find out!

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