How old should my children be to go through the Spirituality for Kids program?

The program is best suited for children between the ages of 8 and 12.

What does Spirituality for Kids teach?

Through the analogy of life as a game, we teach children (and their parents too) the spiritual rules of the Game of Life such as sharing, power of words, effort, cause & effect, awareness of challenges as opportunities, and many more.  Using our curriculum, developed over 14 years with educators from many different paths, we give children the opportunity to explore who they are, and a perspective on how to achieve what they really want in life. These fun and easy tools give parents (or teachers) and children a common vocabulary to communicate at a deeper level, and ultimately help kids develop into more balanced, happy, responsible citizens of the world.

How do you define Spirituality?

–          an awareness of our perceptions and how we process life (aka. meta-cognition)

–          a looking inward to fulfill our potential to achieve happiness, love and joy, and a looking outward to foster positive connections with other individuals and with the greater community. Instead of using ethics and morals to encourage positive behavior in children, true spirituality teaches children to understand and recognize the chain of cause and effect.

How did Spirituality for kids get started?

More than a decade and a half ago, our founder, Karen Berg, had a vision to bring universal spiritual tools to children, knowing that if a child can understand spiritual concepts early in his or her life this will lead to better decision making later in life. It was this vision that prompted the development of Spirituality for Kids. The SFK program started to be taught as an after school program in 2001. In 2007, SFK went through an outcome study by the RAND Corporation that revealed the immense positive impact of the program on children’s behavior. This success led to the program being taught in seven countries in eight languages. To reach even more children around the world, in 2012 Spirituality for Kids became an online (video-based) program that parents could do with their children, and teachers could bring to their classrooms. Currently we have over 10,000 monthly visits on our website, and have taught hundreds of in-person classes worldwide, using the video-based curriculum.


What can I expect from my child after participating in the program?

You can expect to develop better communication with your child in a context that helps you both reflect, grow, and gain new perspective on your challenges. Your child will learn to take responsibility and make changes, exhibit more self-esteem and self-awareness, develop an ability to resist peer-pressure and manage emotions.

You and your child will develop a positive framework from which to make better daily choices.

Is Spirituality for Kids based on any religion?

Spirituality for Kids is not based on any religion and provides principles and tools that are familiar to, and enriching of, all paths. The concepts are as universal as “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

What does Spirituality for Kids do with the donations it receives?

We use all funds received from donations to develop more programs, translate to new languages, and reach more children around the world through our outreach initiatives. Please see our Donate Page for the great programs and outreach projects that are in the works.

What’s the most important benefit that Spirituality for Kids provides for those it teaches?

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is clarity. This clarity fosters security, self-esteem, fulfillment, respect and accountability. In life, like in a game, the level of enjoyment and confidence grows when a child knows how to play and is set up for success.

How can I find out about physical classes?

We have 3 types of classes: tuition-based family classes, classes in schools, and donation-enabled outreach classes.

Please visit our Gallery to see our class locations and pictures. To stay informed about new classes, follow us on Facebook (@spiritualkids for US classes and @espiritualidadparaninos for classes in Latin America) or email us at info@sfk.org to find out about a specific location.

To bring classes to your community, or get involved with our outreach program go here.