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Together, we can create a world where the essence of every child is seen and honored, and where all children are taught resilience, empathy and self-worth alongside math and reading. We believe every child regardless of their culture or background should have access to an effective social-emotional education early in life so they can make choices that improve their lives and the lives of others.


Proven award-winning program

Named most effective SEL program by RAND Corporation

Over 65,000 children taught in classrooms

In 20+ nations around the world

Translated into 5 languages


The SFK program develops:







SFK graduates learn:

The value of making an effort

How to manage challenging emotions

How to make healthy choices

To see the opportunity in every challenge

How to develop healthy relationships


SFK (Spirituality for Kids International Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit based in Los Angeles CA, USA. The RAND Corporation named SFK “the most effective social-emotional learning (SEL) program” in a broad independent research study. This status is supported by tens of thousands of testimonials from kids, families and teachers who say SFK made a huge and positive impact on their lives since its launch in 2001. SFK helps children to recognize the opportunity in every obstacle (external and internal), manage their emotions, and make healthy choices that impact their lives and ultimately the world. Children develop confidence, resilience and a sense of purpose. Over 65,000 children in 22 countries have been through SFK in classrooms. For the first time ever the program is now available online and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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We are unlike any other SEL program out there. Other SEL programs available have a narrow focus of helping kids to make better choices. While an outcome of the SFK program is that children do make wiser, more considerate choices, they reach this place by a different path. SFK teaches children to take a true world-view. SFK graduates really understand how their choices – small and large – impact the world. Teaching children to observe their role from a bird’s eye view, as we emphasize the social emotional skills that will empower them to make good decisions, is what sets SFK apart. We teach the skills and encourage children to observe how using those skills could ripple outward and impact others and the world.

We all want our children to be “happy”. But what does that mean? Where does that come from? Does it come from trips to Disneyland and all the toys they want? Does it come from endless time on devices or loads of sweets? As adults, we know the answer is no. We know that a fulfillment is rooted in things that are deeper than these instant gratifications and distractions. But children do not come equipped with this knowledge. They must be shown these universal truths in a way that is fun, and that they can understand. While we cannot anticipate the challenges our children will face, we believe every child can be given tools that will help them overcome obstacles with skill and confidence. At SFK we teach the simple yet profound lessons that help children slow down, think clearly, and act with purpose.

Our award-winning video-centric curriculum offers two consecutive courses, geared for children ages 8-12: Winning in the Game of Life™ and Exploring the Journey of Life™.  The courses help kids develop inner strength, recognize their potential, overcome challenges, develop a sense of purpose in life. Through SFK they grow their belief in themselves.

The program is available online for at-home use, and on DVD and printed workbooks for classroom or professional use. SFK’s charitable arm empowers volunteers around the world to teach group classes to children in foster homes, prisons, hospitals, after school programs, in affluent private schools as well as in schools and organizations in underprivileged areas (see locations here). We know that no matter if a child comes from an affluent family in Beverly Hills, or the streets of Sao Paolo, all children are equally at risk: when they don’t know their true value and inner power they feel hopeless, powerless and this leads to unhealthy behavior.

In the beginning, SFK classes were only taught in schools and community-based organizations in major cities in the US. Then in 2007, after a consequentialRAND Corporation study confirmed that the SFK program produced a significant and measurable positive impact on children’s behavior, the program expanded to seven countries and eight different languages. SFK is now in 22 nations working with children of every imaginable background. With the rise of internet accessibility all over the world and the help of a global network of supporters, donors and volunteers, we have transitioned to an online model. The classes are now available to everyone, everywhere.

About Our Programs:

The two levels of the Spirituality for Kids curriculum are Winning in the Game of Life™and Exploring the Journey of Life™.

LEVEL 1: Winning in the Game of Life™

Winning in the Game of Life™ uses the analogy of a game. In life, just like in a game, we have rules, goals, players, and challenges. In this level of the curriculum, children discover the basic guidelines to win in the game of life:

  • Life is like a game and also has a goal, rules, challenges and an opponent.
  • There is an ultimate goal in the game of life: to achieve spiritual fulfillment.
  • There are rules in the game of life: the universal spiritual laws of the universe.
  • There are two players in the game of life: our two inner voices – our True Voice and the Opponent Voice.
  • There are challenges: these are opportunities to help us become the best we can be.
  • We all have a spark of Light (the source of all positivity, strength, clarity and certainty) inside of us.
  • This source is always available to us.
  • We can choose to listen to our True Voice at any time.
  • Greater effort leads to greater fulfillment.
  • Sharing has power and makes room for us to receive more.
  • We are all connected. Our choices affect everyone, not just us.
  • Change begins with me.



LEVEL 2: Exploring the Journey of Life™

Exploring the Journey of Life™ uses the analogy of a journey with the help of a compass and a map, and takes children on a deeper exploration of the universal spiritual laws. In order to achieve our goals – personal or global – we first need to know where we are and where we’re going.

  • Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.
  • When we take responsibility we are being the cause. When we choose to blame others we are being the effect.
  • Each one action that we do can affect he people around us and the world.
  • When we share outside of our comfort zone we are able to receive more Light.
  • When we judge other people or situations, we don’t see the whole picture and might not make the best choices.
  • We all have a spark of Light (the source of all positivity, strength, clarity and certainty) inside of us.
  • Resistance is when we stop our impulse and make sure our actions will lead to long term fulfillment.
  • When we overcome our fears, doubts and insecurities, we can reveal our hidden gifts, talents and skills.
  • Our words have power and determine the type of effects we have in our lives.
  • Appreciation helps us hold on to the blessings we have in our life and make room for even more.
  • Challenges are opportunities that show us how we can improve and grow.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. (casel.org)

Through our programs, children develop the core competencies of SSEL, taking SEL to a deeper level. By fostering spiritual intelligence in addition to the core competencies of SEL, children have been shown to grow into more balanced, happy and responsible individuals and citizens of the world, enhancing their own faith or spiritual beliefs.

How we define Spirituality

  • Looking inward to fulfill our potential to achieve happiness, love and joy.
  • Looking outward to foster positive connections with other individuals and with the greater community.
  • Instead of using ethics and morals to encourage positive behavior in children, true spirituality teaches children to understand and recognize the chain of cause and effect.
  • Being aware of the interconnectedness between ourselves, others, and the world.


Winning in the Game of Life™ and Exploring the Journey of Life™ make up a stepped, fun and interactive program that can be adapted to the needs and pace of every child. The adult determines the amount of time needed for each lesson. On average, each lesson can be taught in 45-50 minutes and serves as a foundation for the next lesson, so learning must take place in the presented order.

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each student, employing a variety of learning approaches such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic, through the use of engaging videos, animations, games, art activities, journaling and more.

Video lessons are the centerpiece of the program. The videos take the role of the teacher, which allows the parent or classroom teacher to become a facilitator, guiding the kids through the activities and encouraging self-reflection and deeper thinking. Through questions, the teacher allows the child to reach their own conclusions and apply the concepts to their lives.

Each video lesson is supported by a variety of fun activities, such as art projects, journaling, animation skits, games and recommended literature, which all reinforce what the child has learned and allow for the transition from knowledge -> change in attitude -> change in behavior to occur.